Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

Guelph, 26 July 2015

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“Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Guelph’s LGBTQ Library Finds New Home”

What’s the sound of a community institution being reborn? Imagine eight hands simultaneously whooshing into the air. That’s what happened when Amy Ellard-Gray asked the board of Out On The Shelf for a motion to partner with 10 Carden Street and reopen their LGBTQ library and resource centre.

“It was an amazing moment,” Ellard-Gray notes. “Everyone was so excited. We had to draw lots to see who got to officially make the motion and who got to second!”

In response to an article printed in the Guelph Mercury last month, describing Out On The Shelf’s situation, 10 Carden Street contacted Out On The Shelf (OOTS) with a plan to house the organization starting in August.

“We have plans to further develop OOTS in concert with the folks at 10 Carden Street,” comments Brandon Kidd, OOTS Library Chair. “We’re looking to expand in 2016, but starting this September OOTS will be able to circulate 60-70% of its collection from 10 Carden Street. That’s not ideal, but it’s 60-70% more than now.”

The move will also allow OOTS to launch two anticipated interlibrary loan systems, one with the Guelph Public Library and one with the McLaughlin Library at the University of Guelph. Having a physical space for OOTS will also allow for expansion of programming, events, youth support, Guelph Pride, outreach, and every other aspect of the organization, says Ellard-Gray.

“It feels like the start of a renaissance for the Guelph queer community,” says Matthew Schinwald, OOTS Marketing Chair. “We’re even talking about new logos and rebranding.” So, for now OOTS has a home, but they’re still looking for some “gold” at the end of the rainbow.

“In order to expand in 2016, we need more funding partners,” says Fundraising Chair Sara Wilmshurst. “We’re currently reaching out to various departments at the University, youth and student organizations, and other communities within Guelph that benefit directly or indirectly from the resources and services OOTS provides. And we always need volunteers.”

If you’re looking for a way to help OOTS right now, a successful crowdsourcing campaign is underway. For details or to volunteer visit their website at



Amy Ellard-Gray

Chair of the Board of Directors, Out On The Shelf | 519-546-8415

Brandon Kidd

Library Chair, Out On The Shelf | 519-830-6793


Out on the Shelf is running out of time. Guelph Mercury, 25 Jun 2015: