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About The Branch…

Olive Branch is a tool developed by librarians for librarians to allow for broad and detailed collaboration on readers’ advisory
services. Primarily designed for use in public library settings, Olive Branch provides librarians a platform to share their knowledge
on resources for given topics, allowing for more informed readers’ advisory services as well as suggestions for collection development, displays, events, and more.

Because the data in Olive Branch is based on the informed, professional opinions of librarians, as opposed to retail statistics
and publishers’ lists, users will find greater attention given to resources of quality not just popularity and high visibility. Users
may also discover highly relevant titles that they wouldn’t find mentioned anywhere else. Because published reading guides are
reviewed and rated by other librarians “on the branch,” users can be confident in the quality of the reading guides they find
here as well.

If you don’t find a satisfactory reading guide for a given topic, make one of your own and keep the branch growing!

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