Greetings and welcome to Cellar Door Press, my little corner of the internet.

My various hats include librarian, writer, editor, educator, web designer, and more. Current projects include...

  • development of a new readers' advisory tool with an independent programmer (www.jakerevans.com);
  • librarian to the new Guelph Tool Library where I'm responsible for website, catalogue, and collection development as well as strategic planning and other aspects of the project (www.guelphtoollibrary.org);
  • library services consultant to Out On The Shelf LGBTQ lending library in Guelph, Ontario where I was a member of the board for years and was essential to saving the collection and bringing the catalogue online (www.outontheshelf.ca).

Essentially, I'm someone who fell in love with text at an early age and eventually built a career on it. My newest online project is to start uploading my readers' advisory work. So for reliable, professionally-compiled lists of resources on all sorts of topics, watch my "Library" page. I'm also working with the staff at myTurn to enrich and organize their knowledge management site ShareStarter.

I love working with designers and photographers to craft amazing publicity --print and digital-- and I have worked in such environments many times with great success. If you need content for a report, brochure, newsletter, booklet or similar publication I have experience working with layout specialists and graphic designers to generate eye-catching, memorable publicity. If you need content for your website, I have experience generating content for a variety of purposes:  political, academic, commercial, etc. Do you have a lengthy manuscript in need of polishing? I enjoy digging my teeth into big projects. I have a Master of Arts degree with a focus in Media and Culture Studies. I am also experienced at working with writers for whom English is a second language.

My clients have included politicians, builders, doctors, nurses, book producers/publishers, and educational consultants. My writing, both creative and non-fiction, has appeared in several venues. In 2015 I published my first novel. Check out my blog for various writing samples.

For book reviews, writing news, and original writing by both myself and others, visit my blog where you'll find all of this and more. Some posts are first drafts posted for feedback. Some are finished products submitted for publication elsewhere. Some are submissions from my workshops students. Feel free to comment on anything and everything.

For a prompt quote on a writing or editing job --large or small-- visit my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!